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  Best Overall Event, Longest Running Event, Largest Event, Best Map, and Best Entertainment.
Top Ten Reasons to Ride the Hilly

1.  The Hills
3.  Bicycle Marketplace (great deals on cycling stuff)
  8.  Fall Colors
5.  Rest Stop Food
10.  The Hills


Dear Hilly Participants,

These extraordinary times have led the Central Indiana Bicycle Association and Hilly Hundred Weekend Directors to make the painful decision to postpone the 53rd Hilly Hundred Weekend to October, 2021. Your safety, that of our volunteers, and the community that supports us, is our paramount concern. We do not believe the Hilly Hundred Weekend can effectively meet CDC, Indiana, and Monroe County guidelines for a safe mass event.

We appreciate and understand your disappointment. Frankly, I want to ride the Hilly, too. Unfortunately, there is too much risk this year. The risks we face include infection, carrying the infection back to loved ones and community members, limited community facilities, key volunteers being in high risk categories, limitations from businesses that Hilly Hundred riders depend on, leading to an event that does not meet the standards you have come to expect. Even though the event is typically scheduled late in the year, there is a significant potential for a 2nd wave, and we still do not expect a vaccine or major treatment breakthrough before the event.

Although Registration is closed for the 2020 event, we plan on opening for the 2021 event and will make it better than ever with everything you have come to expect from the Hilly. Please periodically check this website.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. We appreciate all of our riders, volunteers, organizations, and businesses that make the Hilly Hundred Weekend possible.

Stay safe, and enjoy the ride.
Mark Bettinger, Executive Director, Hilly Hundred Weekend

The Central Indiana Bicycling Association, Inc. (CIBA) is proud to sponsor the Annual Hilly Hundred Weekend,  a classic bicycle event designed for the touring bicyclist. If you like a bicycling challenge that includes entertainment and fellowship with more than 4,000 bicyclists from over 40 states and several foreign countries, the Hilly is for you.