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  Best Overall Event, Longest Running Event, Largest Event, Best Map, and Best Entertainment.
Top Ten Reasons to Ride the Hilly

1.  The Hills
3.  Bicycle Marketplace (great deals on cycling stuff)
  8.  Fall Colors
5.  Rest Stop Food
10.  The Hills

HILLY 2021 Latest Update!

Volunteer Registration is still open past September 25th. Please consider volunteering!

We just received notification from Bloomington Parks that part of the road through the Cascades we were planning on using Sunday morning will not be available. We will be bypassing the section from Gourley Pike to Club House Drive on Kinser Pike. The remainder of the route remains the same.

In Remembrance

To all those who have ever ridden, volunteered, or in any way been part of the Hilly Hundred experience, you probably remember Catherine Dusing, also known as CIBAMOM. She was a founding member of CIBA and helped make the Hilly Hundred what it has been over the last 53 years. She has been an integral part of the Hilly and has impacted many riders and volunteers over the years. Unfortunately she passed just before Labor Day and we lament losing her experience and insight. To support what she has done for so many years, and to honor her, we are changing the Outstanding Volunteer Award to be the Catherine Dusing Legacy award for those who have done so much for the Hilly.

Currently there is still significant construction along SR 37 from Indianapolis to Martinsville and the recommended route from the Indianapolis area is to take SR 67 through Mooresville and then join with the new I-69 just south of Martinsville.

And given the increase in the Delta variant of Covid-19, it is likely that the school will require masks in the buildings. Obviously, there will be exceptions while eating, showering, and in the sleeping bag spaces. We are guests at the schools so please respect their guidelines.

The Central Indiana Bicycling Association, Inc. (CIBA) is proud to sponsor the Annual Hilly Hundred Weekend,  a classic bicycle event designed for the touring bicyclist. If you like a bicycling challenge that includes entertainment and fellowship with more than 4,000 bicyclists from over 40 states and several foreign countries, the Hilly is for you.